Welcome to Summit Pain Management Institute

Summit Pain Management Institute offers personalized, evidence-based treatments which have been proven effective in the treatment of pain. We specialize in Workers' Compensation patients and provide both treatment and education aimed at assisting our patients through a complex process. We believe that clear and frequent communication is the key to effective patient care. Our team works closely with adjusters, case managers, and attorneys to facilitate medically necessary treatment. We are knowledgeable about Workers' Compensation rules and regulations and will work diligently to provide the best possible medical care. Summit Pain Management Institute's professional team provides comprehensive treatment with an emphasis on Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule(MTUS) adherence and a return to work focus.

The Functional Restoration Pain Program

Our Functional Restoration Pain Program is a 5 week, 4 day per week program that utilizes a biopsychosocial approach to provide comprehensive pain management while restoring functional ability. Frequent and ongoing communication between practitioners supports continuous interdisciplinary monitoring of patient progress. Participants are instructed in a progressive program of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercise along with education in body mechanics, pacing, relaxation techniques and nutrition. Additional pain management strategies are employed including biofeedback training, support group, psychoeducational and sleep hygiene classes, as well as self help techniques. Our focus is whole-person wellness.

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